Introducing Kahero, a leading Point-of-Sale (POS) solution accredited by the BIR. Trusted by businesses nationwide, Kahero ensures compliance and reliability for your transactions.

1) You have to apply online your eaccreg account here : https:/

2) Once your eaccreg account is approved, just notify us so that we can apply your Permit To Use (PTU) 3-5days processing,We will send through email all the documents needed for PTU Processing

3) Kindly email us at with these following: -BIR 2303 (Certificate of Registration) -Tablet/Imin Device/s Brand, Model and Serial Number (send photos and write down the infos ) -Company's Authorized Signatory complete name (Firt Name, Middle Name and Last Name)

  • Email Registered in Kahero POS App
    • eAccreg Username Name

4) We will be the one to set up your BIR Settings in the POS.

"We also require an annual subscription for your registered BIR POS DEVICE to ensure continued access to our comprehensive suite of services and updates."