Item Modifiers

Create, add and apply add-ons (modifiers) to your items in KaHero POS.

Selling Items by Weight

Learn how to sell an item by weight in KaHero POS.

Selling Liquid Products

Learn how to sell liquid products by weight or in specific volumes in KaHero POS.

Shift Management(PRO)

Learn how to manage and track an employee's working time and sales transaction in KaHero POS.

Using Barcode Mode

Learn how to scan items using scanning equipments in KaHero POS.

Using Dining Options

Learn how to activate the dining option in KaHero POS, which allows a customer to choose between dine in, take out, or for delivery.

Using Open Tickets

Create and manage tickets that allow customers to pay at a later time.

Using Predefined Tickets

Learn how to create and manage predefined tickets in KaHero POS.

Applying Discounts to Sales

Learn how to apply your discounts to the whole ticket or individual items in KaHero POS.

Printing Bills

Learn how to print bills in KaHero POS.

Using Partial Payment

Learn how to create partial payments and collect customer's balance after making partial payments in KaHero POS.

Receipts and Refunds

Learn how to email receipts, refund receipts and reprint receipts, orders or both in KaHero POS.

Deleting Transactions

Learn how to delete receipts, analytics data, and transactions in KaHero POS.

Senior Citizen (SC) & Person With Disabilities (PWD) Discount

Apply senior citizen (SC) and person with disabilities (PWD) to your tickets.

Working with Cash Rounding

Round your grand total to the nearest desired rounding interval and rounding rule.

"Please Add Sales Warehouse" Pop-up Message

Fix for "Please add sales warehouse on general settings to proceed" message on the register for those with the Inventory Management feature enabled.

Disable non-admin users to delete Dine-in Open Tickets

Disable non-admin users from deleting saved dine-in tickets.

Split Payment

Split Payment allows a customer to use multiple payment sources to settle the whole cost of a single transaction. To use the Split Payment you must first make a transaction, then click payment. Click the Split Payment 1. Click the Plus(+) Icon to add payment Method 2. Select two Payment

Setup your Denominations

This feature allows you to customize the denominations. To customize your denomination you must first go to the Back Office. hover your mouse over the "Gear Icon" then select the "Register Settings:" To add, click on Add Denomination. Input value, the denomination should not be 5 or more digits. You

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