Predefined Tickets are open tickets that are already labeled beforehand. This allows you to reuse ticket labels. This can be useful when you want to label tickets as table or seat numbers in your store. Activate the "Open Tickets" feature under "Settings > Features" to use it.

Creating Predefined Tickets

On the "Navigation Menu" under "Settings", select "Open Tickets"

On the "Open Tickets" Click the Plus button (+) are then redirected to the "Add predefined tickets".

Your predefined ticket should appear on the open tickets screen .

After creating a predefined ticket , you can now use them to label your open tickets. Follow this link to create an open ticket.

Managing Predefined Tickets

On the "Navigation Menu" under "Settings", select "Open Tickets".
To Modify the ticket, simply click it.

To edit the ticket name, simply click on the name of the ticket you wish to modify.
Tap on the trash bin icon to delete predefined ticket.