If you have already input your items in CSV or excel file format, you can import them to KaHero POS. It will save you the time to manually input your items. You can also export your items from KaHero POS to excel files.

For you to import your items to KaHero POS's back office you have to export the CSV or Excel file to your device.

Exporting Items

Select the Export button to export your current items into a CSV or Excel file.

Save your file to your desired directory.

This is how your exported CSV or excel file looks like. You will see the list of your items.

Importing Items

Now that you have the format for your items, you can now begin encoding your items to the exported CSV or excel file.

Note: Don't change all in row 1.

Encode the items you wish to add to the POS.
A. id - you can leave this empty or put a number
that has not been assigned to other items.
B. name - set this field to your preferred item name.
C. category - set this field to the category of your item.
D. price - set this field to your item's price.

E. cost - set this field to your item's cost.
F. managedItemStock - for management of stocks.
Set to "TRUE" to enable stock management
Set to "FALSE" to disable stock management.
G. barcode - set this field for barcode.

If you don't have barcode for the items, just leave it blank.

Log in to your KaHero POS account.

You will be directed to KaHero's back office. On the Navigation Menu under Listings, select Items.

Select the Import button to import your CSV or Excel file.

A pop-up will appear. Select Browse to browse for your excel file and upload it to the back office.