Download and install KaHero from the Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS). To use KaHero POS, you'll need to have at least Android 5+ or iOS 12+.

After downloading KaHero POS, you will see the "Sign In" screen. For new users, click "Sign up now " to create a new account.

Enter your Email and password, click Sign up to proceed.

To set-up your basic store's information

Enter your store's name and your store's number of branches .

Click next to proceed

To setup your store's Industry information:

Select the industry that fits your store .

If none of the available choices describes your store, select Others

Specify your store's industry

Click next to continue

You can choose to whether input a referral code of or not since it's optional

Click save to finish creating your new account.

Hooray!! You have now created your account!

You will automatically be redirected to the Register page.

Experience the full power of our POS with a complimentary seven-(7) day trial when you sign up for a new account, absolutely free of charge!
Don't forget to Verify your Account!

To verify account open the navigation menu

Click the Bell icon or the Notification Menu

You will see this message after opening the Notifications
Click the message to proceed.

You will then see this new window, Click the Resend Email to send verification link to your email address

You will receive this message on your Email

click the link to Verify your email.

Wohoo! Your Email is now verified!

To log out , open the Navigation Menu

Scroll down , under Settings select Log Out.

You're Good to GO!!