You can add users to KaHero POS. However, you can only add multiple users when you are subscribed to KaHero's PRO version. You may want to specify your employees as users of the POS as well by adding them as users.

On the "Navigation Menu", select "Users".

Select "Add a User".

3A. Type your username or your employee's username. (It must be 6 characters or more)
3B. Set your your passcode or your employee's passcode. (4 digits).

Below is a list of restrictions you can enable or disable for your users. If enabled:

A. User will be able to open the cash drawer even without making any transaction.
B. User will be able to access your business' back office and view all the reports and information found there
C. User will be allowed to access all the features under Inventory Management this includes creating item bundles, viewing item stocks, transferring items and viewing the item ledger.
D. User will be able to access and edit your listings.
E. User will be allowed to apply refunds to receipts.
F. User will be allowed to apply discounts on transactions.
G. User will be able to see the expected amount of cash they should have when they end their shift.
H. User will be given administrative access.

Click "Save" once you are done.