Open tickets are helpful when the creation of orders and payments are separate for a certain amount of time. This allows you to modify orders before making it a complete transaction and closing it through payment. This is usually useful for restaurants and cafes. This is located in the register screen. Activate the "Open Tickets" feature under "Settings > Features" to use it.

Creating Open Tickets

In KaHero POS, you can create open tickets that have not been set as predefined tickets.

On the "Register" screen, select the items for order and then click "Save" to navigate to the Open Tickets screen.

On the pop-up screen, select "Custom Ticket" if you have not input any predefined tickets.

Label your open ticket's name and comment. Click "Save".

Managing Open Tickets

On the "Register" screen, select "Open Tickets".

This is your open tickets screen
A. Use the search bar to search for open tickets.
B. Select the open ticket you want to edit. You will be sent back to the register screen. Edit or add items to your desire.

To delete an open ticket, tick the box beside the ticket you want to delete. Click on the trash bin icon to delete the ticket.