Absolutely! With KaHero POS's dining option feature, you can effortlessly specify your customer's preferred mode of dining—whether it's dine-in 🍽️, take-out 🥡, or delivery 🚚—directly on the register. Once activated, this feature empowers you to assign these dining preferences to your customers' orders with ease, ensuring a seamless and personalized dining experience every time!

Adding Dining Options

Adding Dining Options

To add Dining Options ,enable the Order Option (Dining Options) First.

Go to the navigation menu and select the Features

Once you've enabled the Dining Options feature, you can proceed to add specific dining preferences.

To do so, navigate to the Navigation Menu, locate Features, and select Order Options.

From there, you can easily add and customize various dining choices according to your establishment's needs

Click the Plus Icon (+) located below to create your Dining Option.

Customize Your Dining Option according to this information

A. Label dining option name.
B. Input minimum order amount to allow dining option.
C. Enable or disable availability of dining option on the register.
D. Enable Service Fee
E. Add /Search for Order Option Fees +

Dining Options Fees

Dining option fees are fees assigned to your dining options which will be applied to your transactions.

Dining Option Fees

On the Navigation Menu under Settings, Select Dining Option Fees.

Note: To access this feature make sure to activate the Order Options feature.

Click the Plus Icon (+) Located at the bottom of the Screen.

A. Label dining option name.
B. Input the value of your dining option fee.
C. Choose whether the value is percentage or fixed amount.

After clicking Save, the Order Fees will then show on the Order Option fees when adding or editing a Dining Option.

During Sales

During Sales

On the Register screen, select your desired dining option on the drop down. The delivery fee will reflect on the total screen.

Here is the receipt of transaction showing delivery fee.

Excellent! Acquiring this knowledge of utilizing dining options will be immensely beneficial for your restaurant, optimizing the dining experience and bolstering operational efficiency. 🍽️🚀