The dining option feature allows you to add your customer's mode of dining such as dine in, take out, or for delivery on the register. Once you have activated KaHero POS's dining option feature, you are able to assign dining options to your customers' orders on the register.

Adding Dining Options

On the "Navigation Menu" under "Settings", Select "Dining Options".

Select "Add a Dining Option".

Input your dining option details.
A. Label dining option name.
B. Input minimum order amount to allow dining option.
C. Enable or disable availability of dining option on the register.
D. Assign dining option fee.

Dining Options Fees

Dining option fees are fees assigned to your dining options which will be applied to your transactions.

On the "Navigation Menu" under "Settings", Select "Dining Option Fees".

Select "Add Dining Fee".

Input your dining fee details.
A. Label dining option name.
B. Input the value of your dining option fee.
C. Choose whether the value is percentage or fixed amount.

During Sales

vOn the "Register" screen, select your desired dining option on the drop down. The dining fee will reflect on the total screen.

Here is a GIF showing changes in the dining fee when choosing different dining options.