Generating barcodes for your items has never been easier. Access your item barcode generator and printer on the KaHero Back Office.

In the Back Office, under Listings, navigate to the Items section.

Click on the more options.

Click Print Barcode Label.

On the top left, you can find options to enable or disable.

Print Name - print the name of the item on the sticker label
Print Price - print the price of the item on the sticker
Generate Missing Barcode - generate barcodes for items without barcodes.

On your top right, click Add All Items to add all of your items or you can also use the Select Item.

This is a list of your items after adding them to this screen. Click on the eye icon to preview the sticker label or the barcode.

This is a preview of how your sticker label or barcode will be printed.

Click on the Preview print label. This is a preview of how your sticker labels will be printed.

Click Print Label to print the sticker label of the items.