KaHero POS empowers you to effortlessly incorporate taxes into your item listings ,ensuring accurate and streamlined financial transactions

Under Listings, select Taxes

Click Plus icon (+) located the bottom

Input your tax name and tax rate (in percent)

To Select tax type click the drop-down pointed by the arrow

You are then presented two choices

Include in the Price- tax is already included in the price you have set on your item. There will be no changes to your price on any transaction.

Added to the Price-tax will be added to your pricing and changes to your pricing will reflect on transaction tickets.

You can also set your Tax application

Simply click the drop-down pointed by the arrow.

Choices will show , you can select according to your needs

Apply the tax to the new items-tax will be applicable to newly added items after the creation of the tax.

Apply the tax to existing items-tax will be applied to items already input before the creation of the tax.

Click save to apply the changes made.

Bravo! 👍 You Taxes are now incorporated into your items 🌟