Item Bundle

Go to Back Office and login your account.

Select Item Bundle under Inventory Management. Then click Add Item Bundle.

Input your Item Bundle details.

A. Item Bundle Name - input your desire Item Bundle Name.
B. Parent Item - select the Parent Item of your bundle
Note: on Item Stocks your Parent Item must have 0 stocks and it's Yes on Manage Stocks.
C. Bundle Items - search your bundle item and click the checkbox of that item.

After clicking the item's checkbox, input the quantity and click Save.

When you're done adding your bundle items, click Save.

Item Bundle Report

To view you Item Bundle Reports, go to Item Bundle Report under Inventory Management.

Click View Composite Stocks to view your composite items of that bundle.

The below is an example of the composite item, it will show the Need Qty and Stocks of the items.

Under Item Bundle Report, you can also view the following;