In KaHero POS, you can sell an item by weight and this is determined when you first create an item and chose the "Sold By Weight" option.

Adding items and configuring them to be sold by weight.

To start Selling items by weight, we must first an item.

To add an item , let's go to the Items located under the Listing.

After clicking the Items, you can then add an item by clicking the Plus(+) button

Edit the Item information by following this instruction.

Afterwards , Simply click the description to further customize the item.
After customizing scroll down until you find the Sort By Section.

Click the Weight to configure the item to be sold by weight.

Click save to continue.

You have now configured an Item to be sold by weight.

Selling items by Weight

To start selling items, go to the Register

Click the item that the customer wishes to purchase , enter the quantity

Click Okay to proceed.

After clicking okay the Item's information will then appear on the ticket

Click payment to proceed with the transaction

Great! You are now all set !