Franchisee Platform is one of KaHero POS features that helps franchisors collaborate with franchisees to manage business functions such as sales and inventories. It helps monitor franchisee performance, consolidate sales and analyze business trends.

The Franchisee Platform in KaHero POS is a helpful tool for both franchisors franchisees. It makes it easier for everyone to work together and manage their businesses effectively. With this feature, franchisors can make sure that all the franchise stores follow the same processes and maintain the same quality. They can keep an eye on how well each store is doing in real-time, manage the inventory efficiently, and communicate with franchisees easily. The platform also helps evaluate the performance of the franchise stores and provide the right support when needed. It gives valuable insights and analysis to both franchisors and franchisees, helping them make smart decisions and improve their operations for long-term success.

Invite a Franchisee

To add your Franchisee on your account, you can go to and click Franchise.

On the right side above, you can see the Invite a Franchisee button, select that.

After clicking  the Invite a Franchisee button, a pop up dialog will show, like the below picture.

To invite your Franchisee you must fill in the below and then click the Invite button.                                                                                                                                          
Your Name - fill your name here.
Email of the franchisee to invite - the email of your Franchisee.
Please input your phone number - the number of your Franchisee.

||| Note: Ensure that the franchisee you invite has either already registered for a KaHero account or is an existing user of KaHero. The Franchisee's email must also be connected to his/her KaHero account.

After clicking the Invite, notice the below added Franchisee is on Not Accepted status.

The Franchisee will received an email from KaHero. Titled "Welcome to KaHero", they must click the Accept the invite.

A new tab will appear to confirm that the Franchisee has accepted the invite.

Go to your Back Office and click Franchise. Check if the Franchisee's status has change into Accepted. If yes, you have successfully added your Franchisee to your account.