The movement report shows you a report of the adjustments of your item details or information. This helps you keep track of new items and edits in your item listings during a specific time. You can find your business's movement report through the back office through KaHero POS app or

On the "Navigation Menu" under "Inventory Management", select "Summary Report".

On the upper right side of your Added Items Movement Report, you can find the time and date specifications.

A. Select a specific date to view.
B. Select the specific time you want to view.
C. Select the warehouse or storage you would like to view.

For example, you added a new item on the listings named "Orange Juice". You can find the addition of the item on a specific date and the details you have input such as the "A. item cost" and the "B. quantity" in the warehouse.

You can also find the "A. total cost" of your item and the "B. total price" of the total count of the specific item in stock. Click "Export" to export the movement report.