Inventory Management (PRO)

Adding Warehouse

Learn how to manage your inventories by adding warehouses.

Transferring Stocks

Transfer items from one warehouse to another using the KaHero App and Back Office.

Adjusting Stocks

Adjust current item inventory count using KaHero POS.

Item Ledger

Track the movement of your items (e.g. items being sold or transferred to another warehouse).

Summary Report

Access and assess a report created by KaHero about all your sales transactions and inventory adjustments in a specific time period.

Movement Report

Access and assess a report created by KaHero about adjustments to item details and information of a warehouse during a specific time period.

"Please Add Sales Warehouse" Pop-up Message

Fix for "Please add sales warehouse on general settings to proceed" message on the register for those with the Inventory Management feature enabled.

Advance Inventory Management - Supplier

Learn advance inventory management in KaHero POS by adding your business's supplier information.

Advance Inventory Management - Purchase Order

Learn advance inventory management in KaHero POS by issuing purchase orders to your suppliers for products and services.

Production Inventory

Learn how to add productions in KaHero POS's back office.

Added Movement Report

You can now access your business's movement report through the KaHero POS if you're unable to access Backoffice. The movement report shows you a report of the adjustments of your item details or information. This helps you keep track of new items and edits in your item listings during a

Update Stocks in the Back Office

You can easily update your stocks in the Back Office. In the Back Office, Select Item Stocks under Inventory Management. Select the Warehouse, and click the search bar icon and input the name of item you want to update your stocks. After searching, click the Update Stocks of that Item.

Add Item Bundle in the Back Office

How To Add Your Item BundleThere are three ways to add your Item Bundle, the first one is in the Item Bundle under Inventory Management and the second is in the Items under Listings, lastly you can import your item bundles which is still located in the Item Bundle under

Adding Production in the Back Office

To use Production you must first enable the feature Inventory Management, which is located in Features under Settings. Once done enabling the Inventory Management feature, on the navigation bar click on the Back Office or you can also go to and login your account. Before adding Production

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