Once you have installed KaHero POS on your device, setting up your business settings is the next step.

General Settings

On the "Navigation Menu" under "Settings", select "General Settings".

Set up you store's "Service Fee" (in percentage). This will reflect on your transactions on the "Register" screen. A percentage of your customer's total amount will be added to the grand total.

Add your business's mobile number. This is useful when you have set up an online store or you have registered to KaHero's PRO version. KaHero POS will send notifications to your mobile number.

For users cannot easily delete open tickets, enable the Passcode and input a four (4) digit pincode.


To hide all your items that's not under any categories, enable the Hide No Category feature.

Hide No Category

To only show all you tag items in the Register, on the Use Tags Filter click Yes.

Use Tags Filter

If you have a scanning device, set up your store's "Barcode Mode".

A. Camera - built-in camera of mobile devices
B. Scanner - barcode reader device

Choose which country your business is located and it will automatically suggest your currency for you.

Set your preferred language settings and time zone location.

With KaHero POS, you are able to print receipts. Set up your "Receipt Settings".

A. Receipt Logo - upload a photo that you want to appear on your receipt
B. Receipt Device - assign mobile device that you will use to generate sales receipt
C. Receipt Header - input your receipt header text

Once you are done setting up your business details, click Save.

D. Receipt Footer - input your receipt footer text
E. Receipt Company Address - input your company address