Once you have installed KaHero POS on your device, setting up your business settings is the next step.

General Settings

On the Navigation Menu under Settings, select General Settings.

Figure 1.

Set up you store's Service Fee (in percentage). This will reflect on your transactions on the Register screen.

A percentage of your customer's total amount will be added to the grand total.

Enhance your communication capabilities by adding your business's mobile number. Whether you've established an online store or subscribed to KaHero's PRO version, having your mobile number connected allows you to conveniently receive notifications directly to your device.

Enter the Referral code (Optional)

Enable Pass code and create a four (4) digit pin code to restrict unauthorized delete of open tickets.

Enable the Hide no Category feature to hide your uncategorized items.

Choose which device to use for scanning barcodes

Camera- built-in camera of mobile devices.
Scanner- a barcode reader device

To enable Scan Barcode Embedded Weight select yes.

Note: You can only scan pre-weighted items and labels

You can choose to whether or not to show the Print Bill on Register by selecting Yes or no.

To filter your items using tags , enable the "Use Tags Filter" by selecting Yes

On the Country Settings , you can choose your Country/Region by clicking the drop down

Search your store's country of origin, and watch as the corresponding currency automatically Set.

On the Language and Timezone Settings you can change to your preferred Language ,set your Timezone according to your location and Receipt date format

To change the language to your preference ,simply click the drop-down button.

Choose and select your preferred language .

To change the Timezone Location , simply click the drop-down button

Choose your timezone based on your location swiftly by utilizing the search function for expedited results.

To customize your preferred receipt date format, just click on the drop-down and select from the choices available.

On the Receipt settings you can change the appearance of your receipt , from Receipt logo to business address.

Customize your Receipt logo by either Choosing a photo(red) from the device or Taking a Photo using the device (green).

By selecting Choose Photo , your gallery will open , after that you can then select a Photo that will be printed on your logo

By selecting Take a Photo , your device's camera will open ,make sure to allow when KaHero asks for permission , you can then take a photo to use as your logo.

To update the header of your receipt, simply input your desired header into the blank space provided.

Do the same to change your Receipt header and Company Address

Click Save to save all the changes made.

Wohoo!! Your Business is now all set!