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Selling by Weight

Let's get Started!

To start selling liquid products, Make sure to add the item and configure it to be sold by weight by following this instruction.

On the Register screen, select the item and a pop up will appear for you to input the desired quantity. If a customer comes to buy only 500mL of your item, input 0.5 on the field.

On the ticket at the right side of the register, the price you have set for the item will be multiplied by the quantity you have input.

For example , the Palm Oil costs 58 per kilo , after you typed 0.5 the Value you inputted is then multiplied by the item's price per kilo: 0.5x58= 29

Selling by Item Options

If you are selling products in specific volumes, you can use the "Item Options" when creating or editing an item.

Follow this instruction to add items.

After creating an item and clicking save , click on the item again to open the configuration mode.

Click the Add Option under the Details

Note: To know more about this feature , follow this instructions.

You can then add the item's weight options.

For the Transaction , simply click the item, you will then be asked to choose one of the options you created .

After choosing one of the options a pop-up will then appear prompting you to input the quantity the customer desires.

The Option's Information will then display on the ticket.