To add your Item Options, go to Back Office. Select Items under Listings.

Hover your cursor over the Tag icon. Select Item

Select an Item you wish to Add an option.

Click the Pencil Icon , after a window pops up, click the Add Option

After clicking Add Option.

Fill out the details like the below example.

Item Option - input your Item Option name.
Item Price - input your items price.
Item Cost - input your items cost .
Unit - input your items unit ex. Pc, Scoop, Ml, Grams.
The below will appear if you enable the Inventory Management PRO feature.
Sales Warehouse - select your warehouse.
Beginning QTY - input your items beginning quantity.
The Online Catalog will appear when you enable the Online Store PRO feature.
Copy Item Price - enable if you want your items price on Register and Online Store be the same.
Option Color - assign a color of your Item Option.

when done, click Save.

Under Item Options you can also;

A. Sort Modifier - when adding more than 1 item options all items options will automatically sort by alphabetically so if you want to change the sorting, click this.
A1 - drag your item option to your desire.
A2- click this if you want to reset and go to the former sorting of your item options.
A3 - submit when done sorting or click cancel.
B. Click this icon to edit your item option.
C. Click this icon to delete your item option.

If your done adding your Item Options, click Save.