Adding Items

Items plays a crucial role in businesses, serving as essential components for operations and sales. Adding items to your account is effortlessly and swiftly accomplished within the KaHero POS system.

After logging in, on your current screen, click on the "Navigation Menu" button.

Under "Listings", Select "Items".

Click the plus (+) sign at the bottom

You will then be redirected at the Add item screen.

the Add Item screen let's you customize your item's description.

to change the Items' name(Green) and Price (Red), simply enter the details on the blank space provided below.

You can also categorize your Item

Simply click the drop-down button

Choices will then be presented, select accordingly.

If none of the categories matches your items, simply click Create Category.

You will then be redirected to the Add Category window

Add Category

In this section you can customize your own category.

To create a Category, simply Input the Category Name and Sort id on the spaces below

Add color for each category to further distinguish each item , enhancing the distinctiveness of categories for easy recognition and sorting.

Enable Hide from Register to hide the category from register.

Click Assign items to add items to the category and Click Add Item to create new Item for the Category

This window will then appear, select items you want to add to the category

Click save to proceed and go back to Adding items

Yay!! You have now successfully added a new category

Adding Items (cont.)

Now let's continue Adding Items

Under the No Category section, you can find the item details.
You can edit the Details of your item by clicking the drop-down button

Set the Item's SKU (Stock Keeping Unit), Item Cost, and Unit of Measurement(kg/inch/ml) by clicking and entering the information in the blank spaces provided below

You can choose to either Manually enter (red)the barcode of the item in the blank space provided or use a Device to scan and enter the barcode for you.

To use a Device simply click the Barcode (Green)

A permission will pop-up click allow to proceed.

Assign whether the item Sold by , Each item or by Weight by clicking the circle beside the choices or by simply clicking your choice.

Customize the item's appearance on the application by either choosing a color or using an image .

To use a color as a representation for your item, simply select a color that you prefer.

To use an image click the Image

You can choose to either Upload a photo or Take a Photo.

A permission will pop-up Make sure to click allow to continue the process.

Job Well DONE!! You have now successfully customized and added your Item