Offline POS

KaHero POS allows users to work offline. Transactions can be made even if you are not connected to the internet. But you may need to connect to the internet in order for some functions to work such as accessing the back office.

Shift Management (PRO)

KaHero POS lets you manage the shifts between your employees. You need to start a shift to create sales transactions. The register only appears when a shift is started. Shift management also helps you keep track of each of your employee's sales and the flow of cash. With the X-Reading and Z-Reading, you can view a summary of your employee's shift.

Employee Management (PRO)

KaHero POS helps you manage your employee's work information and lets you keep track of their shifts. Use this to make it easier for you to keep track of your employee's in and out time. This allows your employees to take a selfie and it will automatically record what time the picture was taken. This feature allows you to see a complete list of your each of your employee's shifts.

Inventory Management (PRO)

KaHero POS allows you to manage your inventory and the movement of your stock items. You can add your warehouse storages and sort your item stocks according to their assigned warehouse. You can also create "item bundles" to label items that are composed of other items. Item Bundles are helpful for keeping track of ingredient stocks. This also allows you to transfer stocks from one warehouse to another. The "item ledger" keeps track of the movement of your items around KaHero POS.

The Print Order Group feature is useful when communicating with other staffs when preparing orders. Printer Groups lets you assign only specific item categories that will be printed on a certain printer group. You can assign an actual printer to print the orders with only the items on the categories you have included in this printer group.

Online Store (PRO)

KaHero POS allows you to connect your online store to the POS. This allows your customers to make orders online through the online store website you will be providing.

Partial Payment (PRO)

Partial Payment allows your customers to pay for their total amount in a partial amount.

Loyalty Program (PRO)

KaHero POS allows you to setup a loyalty program to encourage your customers to become regulars in your business. A percent of your customers' purchases will be credited to them.

BIR Compatible (PRO)

KaHero POS is registered to the Bureau of Internal Revenues. BIR accreditation is an essential regulation for business. KaHero POS will assist you with that.

Senior Citizen/PWD Discount (PRO)

KaHero POS allows you to apply Senior Citizen/PWD discounts to your transaction tickets. Under the implementing rules and regulations of Republic Act No. 9994, Senior Citizens (SC) and Person With Disabilities (PWD) are entitled to a 20% discount and an exemption from the 12% Value-Added Tax (VAT) on the sale of goods and services.

Quickbooks Synchronization

KaHero POS allows you to connect to Quickbooks Online. Quickbooks is an accounting software that offer on-premises accounting applications as well as cloud-based versions that accept business payments, manage and pay bills, and payroll. Synchronize your items, receipts, and sales reports to Quickbooks.

Open Tickets

KaHero POS allows you create open tickets. Open tickets are helpful when the creation of orders and payment are separate for a certain amount of time. This allows you to modify orders before making it a complete transaction and closing it through payment. This is located in the register screen.

Predefined Tickets

Predefined Tickets are open tickets that are already labeled beforehand. This allows your to reuse ticket labels. This can be useful when you want to label tickets as table or seat numbers in your store.

Dining Options

With Dining Options enabled, KaHero POS allows you to set your customers' orders for dine in, take out, or delivery. This can be set on the register screen where you make your transactions.

ERPNext Settings

You can also integrate your settings with the ERPNext settings. ERPNext is a free and open-source integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. If your business is using ERPNext, KaHero POS can help you with that.

KaHero Money Manager

KaHero has its very own KaHero Money Manager! Synchronize your cash sales and cash balances from KaHero POS to KaHero Money Manager. If you are a business owner, KaHero Money Manager is a way to keep track of your expenses and income, personal and business-wise. This is useful when you have to use your cash sales for personal use or miscellaneous expenses.

You can download the Kahero Money Manager through PlayStore, AppStore.

Sales Analytics

KaHero POS is partnered with KaHero Analytics that tracks your daily sales and generates sales reports and analytics.

Install KaHero Analytics on your device to make generating reports and analytics easier for you!

PlayStore, AppStore.