In this session, you'll discover the array of features that KaHero POS offers. 🌟 From streamlined transaction processing to robust inventory management and beyond, KaHero POS is equipped with tools to help businesses thrive. 💼 Let's explore some of the key features:

Offline POS

KaHero POS empowers users with offline functionality, enabling transactions even without an internet connection. However, certain features, like accessing the back office, may necessitate an internet connection to seamlessly operate.

Shift Management (PRO)

KaHero POS allows you to seamlessly manage shifts among your employees. ✨ Starting a shift is essential for initiating sales transactions, as the register appears only once a shift is commenced. 🛒 Shift management not only facilitates tracking individual employee sales but also ensures smooth cash flow monitoring. 📊 With features like X-Reading and Z-Reading, you gain access to comprehensive summaries of your employees' shifts. 💼

Employee Management (PRO)

KaHero POS simplifies employee management by enabling you to effortlessly track their shifts. ⏰ Utilize this feature for seamless monitoring of their clock-in and clock-out times. 📸 With the added convenience of allowing employees to take selfies, the system automatically logs the time of each picture. 📷 This functionality provides you with a comprehensive list of every employee's shift details. 📋

Inventory Management (PRO)

KaHero POS empowers you to efficiently manage your inventory and monitor the flow of stock items. 📦 Easily add warehouse storages and organize item stocks based on their designated warehouse locations. 🔍 Additionally, create "item bundles" to group items composed of other components, aiding in the tracking of stocks. 🛒 Seamlessly transfer stocks between warehouses for optimal stock management. 💼 The "item ledger" meticulously records the movement of items within KaHero POS, ensuring comprehensive inventory management. 📊.

The Print Order Group feature streamlines communication among staff members during order preparation. 🖨️ With Printer Groups, you can designate specific item categories to be printed on particular printer groups. 📄 Assigning a physical printer ensures that orders containing only the items from selected categories are printed efficiently. 📋

Online Store (PRO)

KaHero POS enables seamless integration with your online store, bridging the gap between your brick-and-mortar and online presence. 🛒 This integration empowers your customers to conveniently place orders through the provided online store website. 🌐 Additionally, you can effortlessly track online orders, ensuring a streamlined customer experience across all channels. 📊

Partial Payment (PRO)

Partial Payment feature in KaHero POS empowers your customers to pay for their total amount incrementally, providing flexibility in payment options. 💳 This means they can make payments in partial amounts until the total is settled. 🔄 It's a convenient way to accommodate varying financial situations and enhance customer satisfaction. 🌟

Loyalty Program (PRO)

KaHero POS offers a versatile loyalty program feature designed to incentivize customer loyalty and foster repeat business. 🎉 With this program, a percentage of each customer's purchases is credited back to them, encouraging them to become regular patrons of your establishment. 💳 This not only cultivates a sense of appreciation among customers but also enhances their overall shopping experience, driving long-term engagement and satisfaction. 🛍️

BIR Compatible (PRO)

KaHero POS, officially registered with the Bureau of Internal Revenue, guarantees adherence to critical business regulations, including BIR accreditation. Let KaHero POS seamlessly navigate you through the accreditation process, ensuring a hassle-free experience. 📋✅

Senior Citizen/PWD Discount (PRO)

KaHero POS facilitates the seamless application of Senior Citizen/PWD discounts to your transaction tickets, ensuring compliance with Republic Act No. 9994. 📋 Under the implementing rules and regulations, Senior Citizens (SC) and Persons With Disabilities (PWD) are entitled to a 20% discount and an exemption from the 12% Value-Added Tax (VAT) on the sale of goods and services. 💼 This feature streamlines the process, making it effortless to honor these entitlements and provide the necessary benefits to eligible customers. 💳

Open Tickets

KaHero POS offers the functionality to create open tickets, a valuable tool for scenarios where order creation and payment occur separately over a period of time. 🎟️ This feature, conveniently located in the register screen, enables you to adjust orders as needed before finalizing them into complete transactions through payment. 💼 It provides flexibility and efficiency in managing orders, ensuring accuracy and customer satisfaction. 🛒

Predefined Tickets

Predefined Tickets in KaHero POS are essentially open tickets that come pre-labeled, providing a convenient way to reuse ticket labels. 🎟️ This feature proves especially handy when you need to designate tickets with specific identifiers, such as table or seat numbers, within your store. 🏷️ By streamlining the labeling process, Predefined Tickets enhance organization and efficiency in managing orders, ultimately contributing to a smoother workflow and improved customer service. 🛍️

Dining Options

With Dining Options enabled, KaHero POS empowers you to tailor your customers' orders for dine-in, take-out, or delivery preferences. 🍽️🥡🚚 This flexibility can be easily configured directly on the register screen, where transactions are made, ensuring smooth and efficient order processing according to your customers' preferences. 🛒

KaHero Money Manager

KaHero Money Manager complements KaHero POS by seamlessly synchronizing cash sales and balances. 💰 This integration provides business owners with a comprehensive tool to track both personal and business expenses and income. 📊 Whether you're managing cash sales for personal use or tracking miscellaneous expenses, KaHero Money Manager simplifies financial management, offering clarity and control over your finances. 💼

You can download the Kahero Money Manager through PlayStore, AppStore.

Sales Analytics

KaHero POS has partnered with KaHero Analytics, providing you with powerful tools to track your daily sales and generate comprehensive reports and analytics. 📊 This integration offers valuable insights into your business performance, empowering you to make informed decisions and drive growth. 💼 With KaHero Analytics, you can delve deep into your sales data, uncover trends, and optimize your operations for success. 🚀

Install KaHero Analytics on your device to make generating reports and analytics easier for you!PlayStore, AppStore.

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