Purchasing Order to your Supplier

To purchase your order to your Supplier go to app.kahero.co, click Purchase Order under Inventory Management.

Select Add Purchase Order.

Fill in all in the Details.

Supplier Name - select your supplier.
Warehouse - select the warehouse where you want to put your ordered items.
Purchase Order date - the date you purchase your order.
Expected On - the expected date ordered items will arrive.
Allow Breakdown- by toggling on and off a

||| Note: You as the Franchisee must be connected to your Supplier's account to view your Supplier on the Supplier Name. If your are not yet connected, please tell your Supplier to add you first.

Click the search bar and select the item you want to order then click Add Item.

After adding the items input the Quantity and Purchase Cost.

Item Name - name of the item.
In Stock - available stock of your item.
Quantity - the amount or number of item you want to order.
Purchase Cost - input the price of per each item.
Amount - this is the equivalent of your quantity multiplied by the purchase cost.
Action - select the trashbin icon if you want to delete the item you added.

If your done adding your items click Save.

After saving, you can Edit or View your orders by clicking the icons below. Check the box of the order if your want to delete it.

To send your order to your Supplier, click the View icon. Then select Send.

Also, If you want a PDF copy of your order click More.

Fill in all the details required then click Send.

After that your supplier will automatically received an email of your order.

Supplier side

To check and received the order of your Franchisee, go to Back Office app.kahero.co click Franchise then Purchase Order.

If you have 2 or more Franchisee you can easily search their order by clicking "Select a Franchisee". You can also view all the order of that Franchisee on a certain date, select Start Date and End Date.

Notice that the status of the purchase order is Pending, click the view icon to update the order. Then select Fulfill.

Click the Select Against Warehouse to choose the warehouse where you want to deduct all the ordered items.

If you have stocks available for all the items ordered you can click Mark All Fulfilled or you can manually input the To Fulfill and Against Item. When your done, click Fulfill.

Item - order item name.
Ordered - quantity of the item.
Fulfilled - this will automatically be filled if you click
To Fulfill - quantity of the item you want to deduct on your warehouse.
Against Item - match name of the Franchisee's ordered item to yours.

Franchisee side

When your ordered items has arrived, go to your Purchase Order and update your orders by clicking the view icon of the said purchase order then select Received.

You can Mark All Received if all the items are complete or manually input the quantity on To Received. When done, click Received.

After clicking Received the purchase orders status will automatically be updated from Pending to Closed.