Production inventory is all of the supplies and materials on hand meant for the manufacturing of products. This inventory consists of goods in multiple stages of production. From raw materials on up to finished products ready to be served.

You can access your production inventory from the back office (

On the Navigation Menu, scroll to Inventory Management, then select Production.

This is your Production tab.

Item Bundle Name - name of the bundle
Date - date the production was created
Parent - parent item of the item bundle
Can be Produced - quantity of products that can be produced
Warehouse - storage of the item stocks
Composite Items - list of the items the composes the item bundle
Action - edit or delete item bundle.

Click the +Add Production button.

This is your Add Production pop-up.

A. Warehouse - select the warehouse storage of the item stocks
B. Item Bundle - select item bundle name
C. Quantity
- quantity to be produced

Click Save.

This is how your Production tab would look like after adding production.

A. View button - view a list of the items composing the item bundle
B. Action button - edit production list
C. Add Production button - add another production

This is your Composite Items pop-up. You can see which items are included in the bundle and the quantity of the items that are added in the bundle.